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**I'm the green fairy**

The Green Fairy
19 January
Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Starfleet Academy - San Francisco CA
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300, akkarin, bernard cornwell, black dagger brotherhood, black magaician trilogy, blackadder, bones, books, cinema, csi, david gemmell, david tennant, dexter, doctor who, dragons, ds9, due south, eric northman, fantasy, fassy, films, football, gambit, george r r martin, gerard butler, gerry, gods, guy gavriel kay, hex, hornblower, hugh jackman, icons, j r r tolkien, jack harkness, jack sparrow, james purefoy, jane austen, john barrowman, johnny depp, languages, learning, life, literature, logan, logan/marie, lord of the rings, marie, michael fassbender, moonlight, music, musicals, mythology, nanowrimo, narnia, navy, neil gaiman, oscar wilde, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pride & prejudice, reading, rhage, richard armitage, robin hobb, robin hood, rogan, rogue, sailing, science fiction, scotsmen, sean bean, sharpe, sonea/akkarin, southern vampire mysteries, star trek, star wars, stargate, tall ships, tennis, terry pratchett, the mighty boosh, theology, torchwood, true blood, vampires, vishous, wicked, wolverine, wolverine/rogue, woverine, writing, x men, x-men
So I never know what to say in these bio things. I'm just me in all my random glory. Don't expect anything too deep and serious to read, my theory is that there's enough eloquent people around here and I'll leave the meaningful stuff to them. This is just my space to let out the thoughts in my head before they turn nasty and start eating my few remaining brain cells.

And please excuse the total random fangirliness that sometimes appears. Like below. Everyone has their weak spots!


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